5 Questions to Ask When Shipping Your Car From Boston to Florida

Most American families have more than one vehicle. While these extra cars and trucks are essential parts of everyday life, deciding how to transport your car during a move from Boston to Florida can be a real problem. Interstate car shipping companies can eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of car transport in Boston, but customers must make a variety of considerations before hiring. Below are several questions potential clients should ask before hiring an auto [...]

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The Snowbirds Will Migrate to the North Again Soon – But How Will Their Cars Get Home?

There is a rumor that Spring is coming soon to the Northeast, although those who are still digging out from the area’s record-breaking winter snowfall aren’t sure if they should trust the weather report. However, a few more weeks will make a lot of difference, melt a great deal of snow, and even send the crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils poking their heads above the ground in search of sunshine. Before you know it, it [...]