There is a rumor that Spring is coming soon to the Northeast, although those who are still digging out from the area’s record-breaking winter snowfall aren’t sure if they should trust the weather report. However, a few more weeks will make a lot of difference, melt a great deal of snow, and even send the crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils poking their heads above the ground in search of sunshine. Before you know it, it will be time for people affectionately known as Snowbirds, who wintered in the warmer, Southern states, such as Florida, to pack up and fly home again. There is only one problem: How will they get their automobiles home?

One option is to hire someone to drive their cars for them, but that can be messy, and entails having to check backgrounds and exchange cash for gas and all sorts of little details like that. Another possibility is to consider vehicle shipping by train, but again, it’s messy. Trains don’t exactly make house calls, so there must be someone to take the car to the train, and also, to drive to the closest city with train service in order to retrieve it. It might work, but it’s far from efficient. The best solution, as people who routinely travel up and down the eastern seaboard well know, is to arrange for car transport with a company that routinely handles auto transport from Florida to Boston.

In fact, the chances are great that the same company you used for auto transport from Boston to Florida back in the fall, American Auto Transporters, is more than able to accommodate your return needs. Automobile shipping is our business, and our reputation for excellence is well earned. We are one of the nation’s most respected, reliable, licensed and insured auto carriers. Auto transportation is very much a specialized service, one that few moving companies provide. It requires the use of unique tractor-trailers capable of routinely moving eight to ten cars at a time. If a car is particularly valuable, enclosed trucks are also available.

Those planning auto transport from Florida to Boston (or from Florida to anywhere else) are advised to make their reservations well in advance — approximately three weeks is recommended. Make certain you understand all pertinent details, such as pick-up and delivery dates and times, and, if curb service isn’t available in your area, a mutually agreeable meeting place and time should be arranged. Make sure your vehicle is empty of personal items and that it holds no more than a quarter tank of gas (to reduce shipping weight). Follow our website or blog to read testimonials and discover tips from but a few of our thousands of satisfied clients.