Most American families have more than one vehicle. While these extra cars and trucks are essential parts of everyday life, deciding how to transport your car during a move from Boston to Florida can be a real problem. Interstate car shipping companies can eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of car transport in Boston, but customers must make a variety of considerations before hiring. Below are several questions potential clients should ask before hiring an auto transport company.

How Much Will it Cost?

This question is so important that it is usually the first thing a customer asks. If a particular company offers a price substantially outside the customer’s budget, the person can look elsewhere. Most transporters offer estimates based on the car’s make, model, year, and the distance to be traveled. Customers should remember that these are rough estimates. Accurate quotes are typically available only after an in-person inspection and providing additional information. Customers should get quotes from at least three transport companies for an accurate comparison.

What Should the Vehicle Owner Do?

Auto transport goes more smoothly if the customer knows his or her duties. These can include preparing the vehicle for transport, offering updated contact information in case of emergency, and furnishing other details. The client may have to notify the insurer of the duration, date, and time of the move.

Does the Shipper Offer Recovery or Insurance Plans?

All transporters are required to have a current license and proof of insurance, but coverage levels are determined by individual policies. During the quote process, potential customers should ask if each company offers primary or secondary coverage for damage, loss, and theft. Customers should also ask whether a deductible is required in the event of a loss.

What Happens After an Accident?

Auto transporters have different ways of handling accidents, and knowing these methods before hiring can provide the customer with reassurance. Ask each company what happens when a vehicle is damaged in an accident and determine whether the first call is to the insurance company or the owner.

Is Door-to-Door Service Provided?

While some shippers deliver vehicles directly to the door of the customer’s new home, others may require pickup at a central shipping terminal. These differences can affect the overall cost of vehicle transport services. While picking a car up at a shipping depot may be cheaper, storage fees may negate any savings a client may have had.

Choosing a reliable method of Shipping your car from Boston to Florida can be time-consuming, but it does not have to be difficult. By asking the questions above and by getting multiple quotes, a customer can quickly and easily find a company to help move vehicles to their new home.