It is not unusual for car owners to have automobiles shipped instead of driving their vehicles from one location to another on their own. Auto transport services often prove to be both convenient and economical, particularly when car owners are faced with a move to a distant locale or when a new job is based away from home for a prolonged period of time.

However, finding the right method of car transport under these circumstances takes a bit of research. Consumers wishing to have their vehicles shipped should carefully weigh their options before committing to car shipping companies.

Types of car shipping

Cars can be shipped on a local, interstate and international basis. When shipping any make or model of vehicle, the costs involved will ultimately reflect the distance between “Point A” and “Point B.” Any estimate the consumer receives from a car transport company will take into consideration the comparable size and weight of the vehicle in question. Most shipping companies will ship cars, sports utility vehicles, motorcycles, and small trucks on a routine basis.

Methods of car shipping

The least expensive and most requested method of shipping automobiles over long distances uses an “Open Transport Carrier” to transport vehicles. These double-level carriers can generally hold from eight to ten average-size vehicles per trip. Another method of shipping is enclosed auto transport. This method is generally used for more expensive vehicles like your prized Porsche or Corvette. Owners of the vehicles are asked to give their transporter instructions as to how they wish their car to be delivered to them once it arrives at its final destination.

Delivery options

When working with a car transport team, consumers can request “door-to-door” service or arrange to pick up their vehicle at a central shipping terminal. Shipping times are usually estimated by days, with allowances made for weather and traffic situations. All vehicles must be insured while on the transport carrier for the protection of both vehicle owners and the transport company.

Shipping expensive, vintage or exotic vehicles

Automobiles of this caliber require a safer and more exclusive method of transport. They are typically transported using an “Enclosed Service” carrier to maximize their safety during the trip. Individual compartments hold each automobile and protect it from weather, road conditions, and other automobiles riding on the same transport carrier. Due to the extra care given to these vehicles along the route, the costs of shipping are generally double the costs associated with an open-air carrier.

Selecting the Best Transporters

American Auto Transporters has operated an auto transport terminal in Boston that car owners have come to trust since its founding in 1980. They offer no-cost estimates on their website and will take the time to discuss the type of auto transport Boston residents envision for their vehicles. As DOT licensed transportation brokers in the New England area, they are able to arrange transportation for vehicles traveling throughout North America.