I know that due to the nature of your business, you must get lot’s of picky and uncalled for negative comments,or complaints.

Well, this letter isn’t one of them. Just the opposite.

I wanted to thank you so much for the service and assistance that went well above and beyond good service.

I have been using American Auto Transporters for several years, and have been quite satisfied. This year, because of an illness and subsequent death in my wife’s family, we had to make a decision to change our schedule and leave Florida three weeks before we had planned to. I had a date already set for my car pickup and called to change it. Ritchie took care of everything and the change was made without any hassle. Between the time my car was picked up and we had come back up north, my mother-in-law did pass away and we needed the car. Again I spoke to Ritche and not only had my car arrived (in less than a week ) but he delivered it to us that night ( at ten o’clock ) so we could have it for the funeral etc. the following day.

What can I say but a truly sincere “THANK YOU”.